The Jeep Compass Continues Performing

Jeep has long been synonymous with durable off-road vehicles, which is why they remain popular. The capability of the Compass quickly made it a popular option. The latest Jeep Compass models continue the Jeep performance tradition. Put their capability to the test by visiting us at Big Rapids.

Whether your adventure takes you down the road or off-road, Jeep has you covered. Simply select the 4x4 option that best suits the road conditions and terrain. The Compass is designed to handle water depths of up to 19 inches thanks to underbody insulation or higher ground clearance.

Navigate through narrow, curves trails with ease secondary to the enhanced maneuverability technology that provides a tighter turning diameter. The articulation technology of the powertrain ensures that the wheels make traveling over challenging terrain safer and easier to manage. Check out all of the features of the new Jeep Compass at your local Betten Baker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.



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